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In Egypt, for instance, attacks on Coptic Christian communities went up during the year.The new study also finds that reports of harassment or intimidation of Muslims increased worldwide during 2011.(See table below.) Meanwhile, 87 countries (44%) had low levels of social hostilities in 2011, down from 114 (58%) in mid-2007.(For a complete list of all countries in each category, see the Social Hostilities Index PDF.) In addition to scoring countries on both indexes, the study looks at the extent and direction of change in government restrictions on religion within each country between the year ending in mid-2010 and the end of calendar year 2011.

(See Changes in Overall Restrictions for more details.) A number of factors contributed to increases in overall religious restrictions in 2011, particularly increases in social hostilities, including violence resulting from religious tensions.(See sidebar on initiatives aimed at reducing religious restrictions.) There also was a decrease in the number of countries in which governments used force against religious groups (including force that resulted in individuals being killed, physically abused, imprisoned, detained or displaced from their homes, or having their personal or religious property damaged or destroyed), which dropped from 108 in the year ending in mid-2010 to 82 in 2011.Nevertheless, the number of countries in which governments used force against religious groups remained unchanged, at 23.Jews were harassed in 69 countries, about the same as the year before (68).(For details, see Number of Countries Where Religious Groups Were Harassed, by Year chart.) The number of countries with overall increases in restrictions compared with the previous year outnumbered those with decreases.

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