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Separated = Still legally married but no longer romantically involved with the person they married. Once you've been married, the only variations you can have are still married, separated or divorced.

There is NO going back to single in terms of a martial status.

It is not a turn-off as much as "separated" on a profile is, IMO. but being one that is single I keep getting asked what's wrong with me that Ive never married..

I have a friend in England that absolutely panicked when her marriage ended. its like Ive got some disease because I havent married. Id never say to someone divorced," So ...what's wrong with you that youre divorced? Agree, if you are not emotionally or legally tied to another person, you are single. Have been divorced for 5 and very much consider myself single.

Quit worrying about it, there are other things that are much more important. I'd have far more questions about "single" than I would "divorced". Hopefully learned from them and certainly draw no conclusions about them for having a failed marriage.

I'd be more concerned about why they remain "single" at our age.

Some people get lax when they get to moving in together then kids happen - I just always told them safe sex only - don't want kids or else I very well could have been those women with kids too yet never technically married.

We were close to possibly settling down but didn't.As far as being 'divorced" as opposed to having 'single' on a profile, both are the same.That means that there is no chance that anyone can go running back to an ex.For me..I would guess others...single would be a bigger concern than divorced. I'm not sure how your legally divorced ex's passing would have any affect on your marital status.It didn't make you single any more than it made you a widow. When a person has spent a lot of time as a single person, while being separated, having a shelf-life limit on divorce before dating again is nil. There are people out there that are newly separated, and get right to business on the dating.

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