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He has a steady job, has wonderful interests that we have in common, and he seems to like me, but there is no drive or chase in regards to me.

Even when we meet on our date I drive the conversation forward because we would otherwise sit in silence. Serria Says, This guy you are dating likes you, but not for real.

When I was assigned to the training unit, I had a talk I gave every recruit class.

A guy who sees you as his dream bunny will not treat you this way.

Plus: 5 Ways To Text Like A Guy So He Won’t Think You’re Crazy In regards to texting, that form of communication always causes confusion. This guy doesn’t want to buy what you are selling, not for real. Yes, he will act like the dream man but he will always be a cheater and there is nothing you can do about it.

But for arguments sake, let’s say that he doesn’t like to talk on the phone. The sad thing is that if you asked him why he doesn’t see you more, he would just make up another excuse. Whenever I share this process, women are always surprised how effective it is and they usually want to keep the guy. Don’t even waste your time trying because you aren’t special — he will literally cheat on everyone.

On a scale of 1-10, he likes you about a 4 ½ and that is not enough for you to get out of bed, or get into bed, depending on how you see it. You can: a) Stop dating him, both physically and mentally. or b) Make him like you as much as he can and move on (or keep him). I had a friend in a “relationship” with her baby daddy, an 80’s rock singer searching still for the spotlight. I reminded her that he’s a cheater, and that he will cheat on her again.

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He only texts and never calls because he says he hates talking on the phone.

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