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Once one accepts this criterion then a lot of other decisions fall into place.

Many different options and their combinations were considered.

If one fails to appreciate that then one fails to understand a lot of the decisions the project and its backers make.

People can (and rightly will) get bogged down in arguments on whether it should go from Wimbledon to Clapham Junction via Tooting, via Balham, via somewhere else or directly without an intermediate station, but these are mere details and hardly matter at the macro level.

The idea of railway lines being extended always attracts interest and, as far as the Tube goes, the Bakerloo line is perhaps the only one left with a possibility of being extended.

To that end we now look in detail at the latest consultation report on proposals to extend the Bakerloo line.

By way of contrast housing along the route via Camberwell is already established and going to Lewisham via this route would only provide around 5,000 – 10,000 new homes.Proceeding a little further means proving that the major benefits haven’t been achieved once the second Old Kent Road station is reached.One might think that, having considered the housing issue, transport considerations would then feature heavily and it is true that much is made of the improved connectivity.A recent article on this website on the Oxted lines generated over 600 comments and nearly all were about the lightly used branch to Uckfield and very few about the busier and more important one to East Grinstead. Comments on the Waterloo & City line (and especially extending it) seem to be such a popular subject that they have generated one of our few specific rules on comments – the subject is almost always banned in comment threads for fear of it drowning out the actual subject of discussion. It is the next least busy Tube line (at least if you regard the Sub Surface Railway as one entity) and yet an article on proposals to extend it has currently attracted over 1700 comments.A lot of the reason behind the enthusiasm for small things is due to the possibility of seeing them grow.

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