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However, single foreign women coming on holiday to the Dominican Republic need to be aware of the dangers of falling in love, and being caught up in the expert web of lies and deceit practised by these men.

If any woman thinks that their man might be a Sanky, they should just stop sending the money and see what happens.

Ladies definitely need to be fore warned to realise the truth so at least they are able to see past the fantasy and recognise the genuine... your septic tank) I could tell you hundreds of stories.There are some that are truly sweet and good to the core! Like every bushel of apples, there are rotten bitter ones and also very good sweet ones as well!It makes it difficult sometimes to decipher genuine friendships, but it always makes for good entertaining laughs! I've been holding this secret for a long time and don't know what to do with it.A Sanky Panky is a man who is going out with a foreign woman with the sole purpose of extracting as much money as possible from her.Some will also be looking for a visa out of the country.

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