Ex wife is dating

"How about we make it a game," I said as I poured our drinks, "You tell me three stories, and I will guess which ones true." She smile and said, "I can do that, just give me about ten minutes to think of a story." By the time I was finished mixing our drinks she said she was ready. Story one was about going to her boyfriend's birthday party and giving him head in an abandon house next door.

The way she was going into detail, I couldn't help but to get extremely horny.

Story two she talks about her mom going out of town and letting her boyfriend and fuck her in the ass.

By this point, my wife realized how horny her stories were making me so she began rubbing my cock through my pants.

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" She laughed and said, "Story three." I was holding everything back when I asked, "Who... I wouldn't go more than a few days without finding out something new about my wife.I feel like you tell me all these half-truth about your past because you're afraid I will judge you, but I love you too much for that.I love believing your naughty and want to know you really feel." She sat there for a minute and began to relax, "What do you want to know? This was exactly how a wife from a Literotica story would respond. "I want to know some of the things you did with your ex's. "I'm sorry, nothing is coming to mind." "It's ok, how about we have a few drink over it," I said getting up to mix us a few drinks.After confronting her, we realized our relationship was broken.We became more open about each other's wanted and needs.

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We began to heat up our sex life by going on the Webcam site called "Chaterbate" and having sex in front of the camera.

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