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‘It was far too hot,’ says Jack, 29, ‘and we were filming where they shoot Game Of Thrones so the locals were very disappointed when they saw it wasn’t them.’Earlier this year Jack won praise for his performance as Paul Pennyfeather in the BBC’s acclaimed adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s Decline And Fall, and has enjoyed the chance to act again, as well as co-writing the character of Barnaby.

‘Barnaby’s repressed, quite highly strung and he’s been living in the shadow of his father.

He’s very much about efficiency, so it was from hotel to set then set to hotel and we didn’t get time to take in the city.

Now I have and I think it’s beautiful, although I can see glass buildings going up everywhere and it made me think, “No don’t do that.” Brooklyn did it and now everyone’s regretting it.‘I didn’t get the whole pub thing at first either, why I’d see the same people standing outside drinking every day. He used me as a stepping stone, now he’s off doing Celebrity Antiques Road Trip with Nigel Havers; he’ll be doing The Jump by the end of the year.

I thought, “Wow, somebody held to their word in this industry. ”’Jack admits he was worried what Rosie would think of the production set-up here, which is more laid-back than she’s used to in America.

Jack, who lives in London with Humans actress Gemma Chan, is close to his family too, especially his curmudgeonly father Michael, with whom he’s starred in the BBC show Backchat and recently in Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father, a road trip round south-east Asia, for Netflix.

Jack Peter Benedict Whitehall is the newly crowned King of Comedy, as decreed by public vote last week at the British Comedy Awards, beating off competition from Graham Norton and Sarah Millican. Just flogging [my DVD] and saying the same stuff over and over again.” Oh, I sigh loudly. Whitehall flushes red with embarrassment, his knees knocking together, and starts to mumble that that won’t be the case today.

He saw James Middleton the other day – of the three Middleton siblings, he knows him the best – “and I said, 'I’m so sorry, every interview I do I talk about them [the Duchess and Pippa] because I get asked about them all the time.’ He said: 'Welcome to my life.’” Whitehall has the look of a little boy in a 1950s toothpaste commercial, all cowlick hair and big blue eyes, and much of his work plays off this slightly boyish, unworldly persona, the clueless public schoolboy unleashed on the wider world (this year, he wrote and starred in the BBC3 comedy Bad Education, about a teacher who is more of a child than some of his pupils).

He is, as Lady Trumpington noted, terribly well-bred, growing up in the not-so mean streets of Putney, south-west London, and attending the Dragon School in Oxford, whose alumni include Sir John Betjeman and Lady Antonia Fraser.

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