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When staffers there discovered her connection to Washington, they contacted him to invite him to her birthday party. John’s in Newark, New Jersey, also tends to the bodies of those in need.

Though he couldn’t attend the actual event due to a scheduling issue, he called her for her birthday and promised to visit her another time. In addition to hosting a soup kitchen, the church’s former convent houses a walk-in health clinic that treats 150 patients a month.

Citing research, she notes that regular family dinners have been shown to boost academic achievement in children, increase healthy eating, and improve psychological health.She could tell this family was on a tight budget because the boy kept typing numbers into a calculator and they would then put food back on the shelf if it was too expensive.“In that moment,” said Schroff, “Dru remembered what it was like many years ago when she was a struggling mom, and she thought, ‘You know what?I can make a difference.’ So Dru went and bought a 0 gift card, and brought it over to this young woman.” Sanchez was surprised to receive hugs of gratitude from the woman and her children.As Laura Schroff writes in Angels on Earth, Jose’s job was to sell 25 tacos a day.Once, he approached a woman who worked in the local bus station, and she told him, “You are too young to be out on the street selling tacos, especially in this area.” When he explained his situation, the woman looked at Jose compassionately and asked for three tacos.

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He still appreciates what that stranger did for him, saying, “It was not about the money. That is why I will remember her forever.”In collecting true stories for her book Angels on Earth, Laura Schroff was surprised that some people she had known for years revealed parts of themselves she had never known about.

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