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maybe writing this is obsolete considering he's a party animal. I love my Aries man wit all my heart, but little did I know he is controlling selfish and loves to play the victim.I hope we can either part ways on good terms or work on improving ourselves together. I'm a Pisces woman dating a Aries man for 2 months. He talks way too much especially at the wrong time and I'm beginning to think he is ignorant and close-minded. He is self-centered and loves to brag to his close 1s.

However, even when I said we should just remain as friends (he is a dog trainer and I am his student) he continued to send me texts which can only be described as nasty and patronizing.

I know they like the chase, but how do you know if they genuinely like you or are just having a laugh at your expense.

He has been open and direct via texts but this doesn't extend into phone calls or person to person and we seem to have reached an impasse.

Unfortunately, this made him feel like he was making sacrifices for the relationship I wasn't willing to make. The difficulty is their stubbornness, and jealousy, they like 2 be controlling and sometimes have a rude and bossy nature.

I was oblivious to all this, but I let him know that he didn't have to agree with me on everything, that we are partners, etc. We are very compatible because I have frequent mood swings when things aren't going according 2 the way I'd like but he loves me so much that he doesn't give up and he sticks with me because of that love he has for me. I have to choose my words carefully when it comes to this one.

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