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To provide protection to the weavers practicing this art, the handloom silk sarees manufactured in Sambalpur and Berhampur (Berhampur Pattu) in Odisha were included in the Government of India’s Geographical Indications (GI) registry.Varieties of the Sambalpuri sari include Sonepuri, Pasapali, Bomkai, Barpali, and Bapta saris, which are in high demand.This handicraft received the Geographical Indication tag by the Government of India in 2009.Tussar textiles are related to dhoti, joda, Shawl stole, scarves and saris.Fabrics are mainly marketed by PWCS and SHGs traders through the Boyanika (OSHWCS), Sambalpuri Bastralaya, SERIFED, Pvt. Sales also take place at exhibitions and in local markets.

The saree is a traditional female garment in the Indian Subcontinent consisting of a strip of unstitched cloth ranging from four to nine metres in length that is draped over the body in various styles.Embellishments are done by hand, either with extra weft or extra warp with a 'bandha' pattern in hand.The embellishments increase the value of the fabric. Traditionally, thread is wound around the chadaki to fill the bobins (nali) for weft with the help of a spinning wheel (charakha).These sarees first became popular outside the state when the late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi started wearing them.In the 1980s and 1990s they became popular across India.

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