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Deike Press, Germany's largest print media content syndication, distributed his cartoons to hundreds of German newspapers while King Features syndicate distributed them in the US.Gaspirtz was born in Aachen, Germany and lived the first few years of his life in Belgium with his parents.His cartoons were some of the earliest content to go viral, and soon his cartoons were so popular on the web that he ended up making more money publishing his work online, than with his newspaper job.In May 2000 he quit his job as production manager and never looked back.

As much as he enjoyed the bohemian lifestyle of a freelance artist, the economic realities of being a freelancer forced him to take a 9-5 job again.

He began drawing cartoons for New Yorker Staats-Zeitung, a German-language newspaper based in Manhattan.

It didn't take long until he was promoted to art director and oversaw the production of the paper.

Initially the digital magazine was spread on floppy discs among insiders in the early scene, but later the magazine reached a much wider audience, when the floppy discs were also distributed at newsstands by Gong Verlag, Germany's largest magazine publishing house.

At the height of its popularity, Sex'n'Crime had over half a million readers around the world. After a while there were hundreds of digital scene mags.

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He also started an influential digital magazine published on floppy disc (not on paper), which was the first of its kind.

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