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If we know what we are up against and are God give you hope and a spirit of courage that only God can give as you read this. Schall- Critical of Roosevelt's Jewish connections, killed by Author's Introduction & Dedication PART I. The new Messiah will have the lineage of David and Christ.

THIS BOOK IS DEDICATED TO ALL THE MEN & WOMEN WHO HAVE LOST THEIR LIVES IN OPPOSITION TO THE 1-WORLD-CONSPIRACY (THIS DEDICATION & LIST WILL MAKE MORE SENSE AFTER YOU READ THEexcuses and lies. Napoleon III- Broke his Masonic oath Herbert Norman- Canadian diplomat Mino Perorelli- murdered for exposing the CIA-P2 ties Pope John Paul I- Even Popes can go if they rock the boat George Polk- CBS newsman who was investigating the Greek elite, whosuggests the CIA covered up the murder. THE MAGICAL WATCHTOWERS -After initially introducing the reader to The Plan and the way it works, this series of chapters deals with the Watchtower Society and its connections to the New World Order. Who Built Your Frame of Reference- An introduction to the book. (At least that is what will be said.) Who can say how things will go for this Priest/King?

Religions have been used by the One-World-Power (you will learn that as you read), so it is not religion per se that is in opposition to the One-World-Power, but those fanatics who believe that there is right and wrong, because they believe in their Creator.

This book is not an attack on individual religious or philosophical beliefs, except where necessary to turn people from the false Authority of the One-World-Power.

When we went to our Kingdom Halls, Masonic Halls, our churches and synagogues we 1-15 believed we were being given the unadulterated truth.

It is difficult to swallow that the same Authority that lied to us in the Kingdom Hall, in the Masonic Hall, in the Churches, and in our synagogues was the very same authority. If it wasn't for the idea of creation by God, science would not have gone out looking for the principles that govern the universe.

This book concerns TRUTH and which AUTHORITY we go to for truth. Yes, Authority, because unless we replace the lying One-World-Power as our source of TRUTH, we are not going to resist it.

Is there any Authority that stands against the One-World Power?

For Him there is no stigma attached to being labeled Jewish, nor any benefit to the label Christian. This book is about the misapplication of God's promises to control people to serve a Power.Marshall law under an emergency decree could come any time during the next few years. Examining the roles each group plays in the overall plot to create a New World and 1-World-Religion, and a 1-World-Government. How do we describe a person who was born to Jewish parents, adopted by nominal Christians,be pointed out.If I could fight one thing with this book it would be fear. Pranaitis- A Christian murdered for exposing the Talmud Samuel Pritchard- exposed Masonry, murdered in 1730 Sen. Comparing the various plans that have surfaced from the various groups, and noticing the parallels between these various plans concerning the "Utopian" New Order. THE NEW MESSIAH HAS A JEWISH LINEAGE Putting aside the Bible, and observing carefully what is happening today, the good observer will note several men are being groomed for a role as the new Messiah.If sin does not exist, what authority do governments have to tell people how to live their lives.Because we don't acknowledge that man sins, we end up in a situation like the man in law enforcement who told the Author that there is no such thing as sin.

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That behavior can be classed as good or bad ties into the concept that man sins.

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