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Rádióhallgatás alatt egy másik böngésző-fülön vagy ablakban tovább tudunk netezni, vagy egyéb alkalmazást futtatni...Előfordulhat, hogy az élő adás lejátszása szaggatottá válik: ekkor vagy az aktuális rádióadást közvetítő szerver lesz túlterhelt vagy számítógépünk egyéb letöltéseit kell korlátoznunk a folyamatosság érdekében. Zenei összeállítása a generációk kedvenceiből áll, mely könnyed, szélsőségektől mentes szórakozást nyújt a hallgatóknak egész nap.The dynamic Pest grew into the country's administrative, political, economic, trade and cultural hub.Ethnic Hungarians overtook Germans in the second half of the 19th century due to mass migration from the overpopulated rural Transdanubia and Great Hungarian Plain.By 1547 the number of Christians was down to about a thousand, and by 1647 it had fallen to only about seventy.The unoccupied western part of the country became part of the Habsburg Empire as Royal Hungary.The Christian forces seized Buda, and in the next few years, all of the former Hungarian lands, except areas near Timișoara (Temesvár), were taken from the Turks.In the 1699 Treaty of Karlowitz, these territorial changes were officially recognized to show the end of the rule of the Turks, and in 1718 the entire Kingdom of Hungary was removed from Ottoman rule. The national insurrection against the Habsburgs began in the Hungarian capital in 1848 and was defeated one and a half years later, with the help of the Russian Empire.

Budapest suffered major damage caused by the attacking Soviet and Romanian troops and the defending German and Hungarian troops.Over 40 colleges and universities are located in Budapest, including the Eötvös Loránd University, Semmelweis University and Budapest University of Technology and Economics, which have been ranked among the top 500 in the world.Among Budapest's important museums and cultural institutions, the most visited art museum is the Museum of Fine Arts, which is noted for one of the largest collections of all periods of European art and comprises more than 100,000 pieces.It was this compromise which opened the second great phase of development in the history of Budapest, lasting until World War I.In 1849 the Chain Bridge linking Buda with Pest was opened as the first permanent bridge across the Danube and in 1873 Buda and Pest were officially merged with the third part, Óbuda (Old Buda), thus creating the new metropolis of Budapest.

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