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If I ever regress or get worse and develop this condition again, I promise to update you guys! -Daniel So u answer silly questions but not important ones daniel ur a faggot thats probly how u got ec ur site is full of nonesence and confusing bullshit guys go to the doctors they will give u something better then aquaphor I’m a faggot?It seems like you completely ignored one of the parts that cured me, which was keeping a positive mind. I get the same questions all of the time every day whether it’s on Facebook or wherever.

If I ever regress or get worse and develop this condition again, I promise to update you guys! -Daniel Hi everyone, This is going to be a very long comment but please try to read it as it’s about the only treatment that helped my lips get better and it’s important I go into detail about things in case any of it helps.When I did a search online the other day for curatoderm, exfoliative cheilitis, Curatoderm was mentioned on one EC website called curezone which has a forum but the few comments I read weren’t from people who’d tried it yet, they were just trying to find out where to get it from.A medical website I went onto says ‘Curatoderm contains the active ingredient tacalcitol, which is a type of medicine called a vitamin D analogue.The following video is a documentary I created for people dealing with the same lip condition that I have been dealing with for the past four years. Put simply, the lip skin just heals differently than the rest of the skin, and if you continue to peel off that seemingly dead skin you are only making it worse.It has been a great struggle, and by the determination and constant reminder of never having to look at chapstick again, I am making it through! Take a look at my documentary below, and then continue on to watch me battle through and beat peeling lips for good.

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He said that because of that it was made into a treatment for psoriasis, which is a condition that results in the scaling and thickening of the skin due to excessive skin cell production so I thought that if vitamin D inhibits skin cell growth, as you get excess skin cell growth with EC there was a chance it could help with that too.

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