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This system has worked for hundreds of Finger Lakes businesses. The first information we need is the name of your business and your contact information. Call (315) 781-7000 or e-mail us now to get started.We will set up an extensive, in-person Client Needs Analysis. A Client Needs Analysis is free and you are under no obligation.Positioning describes a revolutionary approach to creating a “position” in a prospective customer’s mind — one that reflects a company’s own strengths and weaknesses as well as those of its competitors.Our goal is to help you create a “Unique Competitive Advantage” that is sustainable.Below, I’ve given you ideas for how to change things if you’ve been receiving hurtful put-downs, but at this point I feel duty-bound to say something.I’m not qualified to comment on the deep issue of emotional or domestic abuse, and while the line I’m drawing is a grey one, I’m making a distinction between emotional abuse (defined by the US Department of Justice as “causing fear by intimidation, threatening physical harm to self, partner, children, or partner’s family or friends, destruction of pets and property, forcing isolation from family, friends, or school or work”) and consistent, verbal put down behaviour; that ongoing state of power put in place by someone in a relationship for the purposes of control, self-validation or transference. People sometimes say silly things (I know I do) and taking everything personally is going to turn you into an anxious, paranoid wreck.If you find yourself on the receiving end, think “” and recognise that the stuff in their head is theirs alone, and you’re not responsible for any of it. I learned something from TV’s Dr Phil that I’ve always remembered. People are dumb like that, they’ll do what works until they have strong evidence that it doesn’t work, and that’s evidence that only you can create.I get that it’s hard, but you need to start letting them know through your responses that you expect something different and something better from them.

The reasons that someone decides to put you down are many, but essentially they boil down to these few things: Status.

If you have thoughts about needing to stay still or be quiet you’ll feel small and powerless.

If you have thoughts about deserving what’s being given to you you’ll feel like you’re not okay in a world that is okay. Write down a thought diary if it helps you get clarity on the thinking that happens.

Be rampantly curious about the thoughts you have and the resultant feelings.

Then look for the opportunity to think about it differently, and be ready to choose a better thought.

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