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My diet evolves constantly, due to my constant tweaking and self-experimentation.Over time, I’ll share it here and there, but what I eat is not at all the focus of this blog.Note to readers: This post was written in September of 2012.

The other hypothesis is that the physiologic response to IF (rather than the response to prolonged fasting) is to increase my REE during the period of IF, possibly through the up- and or down-regulation of various hormones.Interestingly, though, by about 2 pm, as my blood glucose levels would be between 60 and 70 mg/d L, I would start to feel completely fine.In fact, by about 5 or 6 pm, just before eating my meal, I found I wasn’t really hungry.I have not yet repeated a DEXA scan to confirm, but I suspect I lost a bit of muscle, along with more fat, probably at about a 1:2 ratio.My last DEXA measured a body fat of about 9%, and I suspect I’m about the same, though my waist is half an inch smaller than when I started, so I may be closer to 8%.

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