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Experts have been actively discussing whether this virus is an original creation of ransomware developers or just a newer version of some larger family of crypto ransomware. As we have already mentioned, since the appearance of this ransomware, experts pointed out it’s resemblance to the Cry Si S ransomware and the fact that the initial version of the virus can be decrypted.Another fact that resembles Cry Si S malware is that someone (probably someone involved in ransomware development) published a lot of Dharma decryption keys on an Internet forum.Game can be set to Direct X 9 by opening the following files under ' My Documents\My Games\Formula One\hardwaresettings'.First open the file named 'hardware_settings_info.xml' and change the 'dx11'=true to false.As you can see, victims have to contact the criminals via an email address provided in the note and ask them about the ransom needed to recover the affected files.Apart from the email, you will also see .cezar, .cesar, .dharma, .wallet, or .zzzzz pinned at the very end of the string.

We should add that, according to the latest reports, the current versions of Dharma use these extensions to mark encrypted files: On April 2017, malware researchers spotted a new version of virus lurking on the web.It hails from a huge ransomware group that uses .dharma, .wallet, .zzzzz, .cezar, .cesar and file extensions to mark files it encrypts on victim's computer.The virus is designed to work as a virtual extortion tool that corrupts all files with a sophisticated encryption algorithm and leaves a ransom note filled with instructions on how to pay a ransom to recover encrypted data.Consequently, the initial virus' decryption tool was updated and now victims can try to decrypt their files again – the chances are high that one of the leaked keys will unlock your files.Probably the most widespread Dharma ransomware version is known to use [email protected] [email protected] informing people about their encrypted files and ask them to pay a ransom.

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On the day of its appearance, security experts didn't know much about Dharma in general and believed it to be one of the new-generation viruses.

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